Make sure to check all your leagues you are currently competeing in, and check out your matches as they are now live!  We will also be setting up a mini online tourney, with shoutcasting, bo3's and prize giveaways.  Please check-in to stay posted on all upcoming events!


ESEA has officially released their schedules for both the ESEA-Invite CS:GO European and American regions.  We have updated the Week 1 roster lock timestamp, which should give you roughly 7 extra days (from the time of this posting) to join or create new leagues & tournaments, and to shuffle your rosters around from starter to backup.  


The first beta season of the Fantasy eSports League is now open!  The general premise behind the Fantasy League is to allow Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans to create the best "fantasy team" they can, by selecting 7 real-life players that are currently competing in the ESEA CS:GO-Invite Season for both the American and European regions. Registered users will be able to create their own private Fantasy Leagues using a specific player pool (American or European) to allow their friends to join and to compete with one another.  


We are also happy to launch our Fantasy Weekly Tournaments series, which is a condensed form of the Fantasy League.  Fantasy Leagues will run for the entire duration of the ESEA season (approx. 8 weeks), whereas the Fantasy Weekly Tournaments will provide immediate winners after one week.  Just like our Fantasy Leagues, registered users can create public Weekly Tournaments for anyone / everyone to join.  There will also be Official Weekly Tournaments in which users can play in to win prizes!

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